Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our second photoshoot

The model is amila & imuh. Well it's not exactly our second photoshoot. Actually we have the other photoshoot of amila -one that was used as her pre-birthday photoshoot- but we're afraid it's still remain unedited (that is our second photoshoot! this photoshoot is, like, the 12th!). So we put this one instead. We'll post the other one later. Ok so these are some of the picts. As you can see, in one of the concepts, ami was wearing a white dress. FYI, the dress was made by vina! Well, not exactly sewed-by-needles-and-pins-hand made. But it was actually a white cloth mixed with a -what's the word in english?- kelambu pinned everywhere and voila! A dress so wonderful it could bring a wedding tear from the most unbelieving of women! (oh wait, isnt that a line from sex and the city the movie?) -_- dont forget to leave some comments. Toodles!

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