Sunday, May 24, 2009

Minor details

hey, have you seen our new posts about the photoshoot? leave some comments please :) anyway, we just want to add some details 'cause we forgot to put the it in our introduction. so, here it is!

Job Description, we got....
Uthy on photo and make up
Vina on body painting, editing and properties
Arinta on wardrobe/stylist and properties

yes, we got make up, bodypainting, and stylist services! the more reason to hire us right? ha ha
oh, and we'd like to apologize if you find any similarities in one photoshoot to the other. Its because we dont have a studio yet so we still use the same backgrounds.. hehe. But if you want to hire us and you got a cool place that can be used, just show us!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our fourth photoshoot

This is our first couples photoshoot -still more to come, we hope :)-. Modeled by dhoty & danar. Well there's not much to tell, just look at the lovebirds's lovely pictures!

Our third photoshoot

The model is Arinta of UVA ha ha. She was going to celebrate her birthday so she asked UVA -in this case, just UV- to photograph her.

Our second photoshoot

The model is amila & imuh. Well it's not exactly our second photoshoot. Actually we have the other photoshoot of amila -one that was used as her pre-birthday photoshoot- but we're afraid it's still remain unedited (that is our second photoshoot! this photoshoot is, like, the 12th!). So we put this one instead. We'll post the other one later. Ok so these are some of the picts. As you can see, in one of the concepts, ami was wearing a white dress. FYI, the dress was made by vina! Well, not exactly sewed-by-needles-and-pins-hand made. But it was actually a white cloth mixed with a -what's the word in english?- kelambu pinned everywhere and voila! A dress so wonderful it could bring a wedding tear from the most unbelieving of women! (oh wait, isnt that a line from sex and the city the movie?) -_- dont forget to leave some comments. Toodles!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our very first photoshoot

Hi, this is our first post. And we'd like you to see our very first photoshoot. The model's our friend, Tiara. We didnt do much of editing as this is our first photoshoot, yet we still green ha ha. But we do hope that you leave some comments for us and hopefully will be interested in our work :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hi !

picture (left to right) : arinta - vina - uthy
hey fellas! we are UVA
we just wanna say hi to you peeps, hope you guys enjoy this blog!
looking forward to your visit, a lot :):):)
with love,

U.V.A is a design/photography organizer. we realizing those who dreams of being photographed like a model. so this is a place for a model wanna-be who wants to be photographed like a model even though they're not a model. just give us a call, tell us what theme or concept you'd like and pay 75.000 IDR*/person. we'll find the place, do the editing and give you the cd as well. :):) hope you're interested. oh, by the way U.V.A stands for Uthy-Vina-Arinta, the mastermind of this organizer ha ha.

*price can be changed under some circumstances
contact us!
@facebook: arinta annabyanti wirasto
vina aulia
putri amalia

thanky guys, bye!